The Email Overload Fix

Email is the biggest time suck in my life. I’ve read several studies concluding that an average person spends 28% of their time processing email. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not more. I find myself reading and responding to email all day long, and sometimes late into the night (I’m not proud of this).

With emails piling up, an increasingly worried wife (sitting for hours on end in front of a monitor can’t be good for your eyes…), and a backlog of important contacts waiting to hear from me, I decided it was time to seek out a solution.

After testing countless email overload solutions and finding they all fell short of my expectations, a friend referred me to SaneBoxFolks, it’s a game changer.


SaneBox is smart email management tool that analyzes your email relationships and decides what’s important based on your past behavior. It then automatically filters out unimportant email into a separate folder and summarizes it in a daily digest so you don’t miss anything. This means your inbox is filled exclusively with important/high-priority email. It literally saves me at least 2 hours every day.


For me, this would be enough, but SaneBox also boasts a full suite of productivity boosting features such as a one-click unsubscribe tool and automatic followup reminders to make sure you followup with people who don’t respond to your emails.

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself here: SaneBox.


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